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icoone laser - the bestseller among non-invasive device technologies

Modern life dictates its own conditions, which are also relevant in the field of cosmetology. There is a growing demand for non-invasive, safe and maximally effective technologies that eliminate or reduce the recovery period and provide quick results. Today in aesthetic medicine there is a special demand for non-invasive apparatus technologies for body aesthetics. Among them, the greatest demand is for combined methods, when the combination of several technologies not only increases the effectiveness, but also simultaneously allows to solve several problems at once.
One of the revolutionary hardware developments that have gained popularity in the Russian and European aesthetic market is the Icoone Laser® medical device (Italy), which uses innovative MMS stimulation combined with light technologies of non-invasive laser lipolysis and LED. Icoone was first introduced in 2008. Today, the Icoone Laser® medical device is the third generation of the machine, developed in 3 different models.

MMAS stimulation

The development of MMAS stimulation with the Icoone® device is based on the discoveries made by Jean-Claude Humberto, a French professor, Doctor of Reconstructive Surgery, who has been studying the connective tissue of our body for 30 years. His discoveries are based on studies that have been done on living tissue. It was he who first placed a microvideo camera subcutaneously during surgery to study its architectonics. Prof. Guimburto showed that the subcutaneous fascia is composed of countless microvacuoles, which he calls the functional unit of connective tissue. This study is fundamentally different from the traditional view that considers connective tissue layer by layer. According to the modern scientific view presented by Prof. Humberto, the subcutaneous structural elements of connective tissue in the human body are a kind of three-dimensional web composed of collagen and other connective tissue fibers that confine a space called a microvacuole.
Based on this research, the Icoone® team of biologists and engineers were able to create a completely new connective tissue stimulation technology called Roboderm® - a motorized microstimulator technology with a perforated surface through which a fractional vacuum is delivered, allowing for unparalleled MMS (Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation). It is essentially important that this non-invasive treatment has its effect not through force, but through volumetric stimulation of subcutaneous tissues, it is absolutely comfortable and at the same time allows you to get excellent results. MMS - stimulation has a direct effect on microvacuoles, activates fibroblasts and cell renewal processes, stimulates metabolic processes, improves tissue trophicity. Fractional aspiration, creates an unsurpassed effect: 21600 microstimulations per minute, provides the most precise and deep work of each millimeter of skin, without traumatizing tissues and without stressing them. The irritation of the skin's mechanoreceptors, in turn, triggers a cascade of neuro-reflex reactions in the body. This mechanical stimulation is known as mechanotransduction, which sends specific signals to cells that trigger a biochemical response.
Multistage vibration wave allows you to arrange a real gymnastics for cells, activating the production of collagen and elastin already in the first minutes of the session, increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin in the course of procedures. Directed stimulation of microvacuoles allows you to get excellent results in procedures aimed at fighting cellulite, LJO, wrinkles, atonic skin, has a powerful anti-aging effect.
The microstimulators can be rotated back and forth and inward and outward, allowing for the best physiological response in skin rehabilitation and stimulation of cellular functions, as well as naturally stimulating lipolysis. The vacuum suction force through the rhythmic wave parameter is distributed evenly over a larger tissue area, allowing not only local but also systemic effects.
Thanks to the three types of vacuum can be delivered both through the micro-alveoli of the rollers and through the central chamber of the manipulators, allowing selective action on different types of tissues, including delicate tissues. With the mixed type of capture, the fractional vacuum is distributed evenly between the center chamber and the rollers, resulting in more effective tissue stimulation with greater coverage of the treated surface.
Icoone Laser® is equipped with autonomous motorized attachments (manipulas). These manipulas are robotic arms that move on the skin completely independently, performing MMAS - tissue stimulation. The specialist only sets the direction of movement of the manipulas! For even greater convenience, one of the additional options is the Roboavtomat function, when the nozzle moves in the direction and amplitude that it is set by the operator. It is important to note that Icoone Laser® does not require any pressure on the nozzles, which eliminates the need for force from the operator.
The original development of the Icoone Laser is the ROBOTWINS paired vascular attachments, which are used to work symmetrically on the body, thus simulating a two-handed massage, but can also be used individually. Massage with ROBOTWINS pairs of attachments allows you to treat large areas of the body, perform vascular and lifting programs and achieve visible results in a short period of time. Icoone Laser® is the only device in the world that uses two attachments simultaneously for massage, symmetrically affecting blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
The ROBOSOLO modeling nozzle is used to effectively work on large areas of the body or muscles, giving a vigorous but delicate effect where it is needed. Equipped with 2 additional technologies: 915 nm laser and 650 nm LED. Non-invasive laser lipolysis Icoone models problem areas of the body by reducing the volume of fat cells and can be used in various combinations with MMAS and LED. Red light LED phototherapy aims to strengthen and tone the skin of problem areas of the body by stimulating fibroblasts and activating neocollagenesis. Robosolo is especially effective for problem areas that cannot be corrected by diet and exercise.
The ROBOMINI nozzle is the world's smallest robotic nozzle for MMAS tissue stimulation. Designed to work on small and difficult to access areas of the face and body, it provides a delicate and targeted treatment. Ideal for both aesthetic and medical problems.
ROBOMICRO is a non-motorized nozzle with 6 interchangeable heads, each with its own individual shape. It is used to work on the most delicate areas of the face and body, providing a targeted action with almost weightless, harmonious movements. The main head for facial work.
The Icoone Laser® touch screen is highly informative and allows the use of the full range of preset facial and body programs (maximum 75 facial and body programs), on the basis of which specialists can create complex personalized protocols for patients. In addition, the device offers a personal menu with the possibility of creating and saving course programs with individually adjusted parameters, which allows evaluating the dynamics of work with the patient.
So, the innovative Icoone Laser® device combines 3 non-invasive technologies: Roboderm® technology and two light technologies laser and LED on one platform. Depending on the indication, the specialist can perform the procedure using only MMAS tissue stimulation or in combination with laser lipolysis and LED technology. Thanks to the parameters selected individually for each client and for each procedure, icoone® allows to stimulate deep tissue layers and to have three main effects at once: DRAINAGE - promotes the removal of stagnant fluid from the body, SYLUETE MODELING - activates the process of lipolysis, which breaks down fatty tissue, LIFTING - stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, improves skin tone.
The complementary mechanism of action of the three technologies allows us to offer treatments with high efficiency, absolute comfort and safety.
Due to its versatility, safety and efficiency, advanced Icoone Laser® technologies are successfully applied in clinical medicine, cosmetology, plastic surgery, health resorts, spa hotels and fitness centers.
In medical practice, the main indications are venous insufficiency, lymphedema, post-burn scars, postoperative recovery, muscle contractures, intestinal hypotonia, trophic ulcers, scar tissue changes, pain syndrome, tendinopathies, myalgias, sports injuries. Recovery after surgical interventions deserves special attention. In plastic surgery, Icoone Laser has proven to be an excellent treatment for preparation and rehabilitation after liposuction, blepharoplasty, mammoplasty.
In cosmetology Icoone Laser® is indispensable for effective prevention and correction of age-related skin changes on face and body. The main indications for the body are: cellulite (1-4 stages), fibrous cellulite, local fat deposits, body contour modeling, body skin tone improvement, skin tightening of the chest and décolleté area, remodeling of the inner surface of the thighs and shoulders, fighting against striae. On the face - it is smoothing wrinkles, fighting double chin, lifting the skin of the face and periorbital zone, the ability to work with the movable eyelid of the eyeball, it is an excellent revitalization effect from the first procedure. These are effective programs of non-invasive rejuvenation of face and body.
In fitness and professional sports icoone® is used for sprains, muscle injuries, myalgias, muscle cramps, muscle spasms, for warming up muscles, recovery after increased loads and injuries, preparation for sports competitions.
It is known that one of the modern and effective directions in recovery and recovery of the body is stimulation of the lymphatic system, carried out through regular lymphatic drainage procedures. That is why MMAS - Icoone® stimulation is especially relevant in sanatorium-resort practice in complex programs of detoxification and recovery of the body. Icoone - therapy helps to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome, improves general well-being, increases energy potential and restores vital tonus of the body. The metabolic processes are activated, the activity of internal organs is improved, which directly affects the state of health and appearance.
The Icoone Laser® procedure performed before injectable methods allows to increase their effectiveness and prolongs the achieved effect. Icoone Laser technology is perfectly combined with hydrotherapy, algotherapy and almost all apparatus methods, which together accelerate and increase the effectiveness of the procedures and allow you to get excellent results in a short period of time.
icoone® programs can be combined according to different criteria to obtain the best results in medical and wellness programs. A complete treatment cycle ensures the best possible results. One of the advantages of the device is that there are no "forbidden areas" to be treated (including the mammary glands and the area of the movable eyelid). Icoone Laser® provides gentle stimulation of the skin without causing stress from mechanical impact and without traumatizing capillaries and connective tissues. Thanks to its gentle action, icoone® treatments can be performed daily. Results are visible immediately after the first treatments. Only 1 treatment per month is sufficient to maintain the results achieved.
The Icoone Laser® successfully combines scientific research and technological innovation to pave the way for a new approach to aesthetic and medical problems.