icoone Laser Med:
healthy skin is an absolute indicator of beauty and health

icoone Laser Med

Our skin reflects the signs of aging, poor nutrition and heredity. Any aesthetic imperfections (visible cellulite, sagging, skin irregularities, wrinkles) or diseases not only affect our well-being and self-esteem. In addition, the skin can be damaged by surgery, burns, and vascular disease. icoone® LASER MED is the natural solution to all these problems.

The new icoone® LASER MED is the impact of the three most advanced technologies: ROBODERM, LED lifting and laser lipolysis to achieve excellent results in the treatment of skin defects. Thanks to the innovative patented Roboderm® technology, there is a powerful effect on microvacuoles (multi-microalveolar stimulation).

Laser and LED allows icoone® LASER MED to achieve fast and focused results, and a set of medical programs and specific procedures ensures effective tissue mobilization in the subcutaneous layers and stimulation of even the smallest skin areas, significantly facilitating the work of doctors.

Improved technology

Smaller and more compact
New design with illuminated logo
Higher efficiency with the microstimulators
Dual robomini handpiece for symmetrical treatmen
4 new handpieces for a personalized treatments
Ergonomic handpiece support
Simpler, more intuitive user interface
New focus programs for face and hands
Improved hardware
Larger display 12"
stimulation to improve skin quality
Stimulation of fat cells to improve body contours

Unsurpassed results of
LED Lifting and Laser Lipolysis

This device combines mechanical stimulation (Multi-Microalveolar Stimulation) to promote tissue regeneration with the unique effects of LED and LASER to achieve unparalleled results from both an aesthetic and rehabilitative point of view.

LASER and LED act on the pores of cell membranes, causing the activation of mitochondria, the energy centers of cells. This process improves cellular oxygenation by stimulating tissue drainage and lipolysis.
LED Lifting:
The 650nm wavelength penetrates the fibroblasts of the connective tissue, stimulating the production of collagen. A wave with this length is able to reach the fat cells. Under its influence, temporary pores are formed on the cell membranes, through which fat is released.

Laser silhouette shaping:
The 915nm wave penetrates into the deeper layers of the tissue and acts on the cell, activating the processes of lipolysis in them.


Tissue oxygenation with improved cell nutrition can reduce the effects of trauma, surgery, or the effects of radiation in the treatment of breast cancer, fibrosis, erythema, induration, and pain.

Laser and LED provide a deeper effect on fibroblasts with stimulation of elastin and collagen production to improve skin quality and joint mobility (flexibility and elasticity)



Inflamed, non-inflamed, old, surgical or traumatic (eg, after caesarean section), post-acne, keloid, hypertrophic.

Draining effect on edema around the scar, stimulation of metabolic metabolism and tissue nutrition, elimination of congestion in the tissue and removal of metabolic decay products, increase in elasticity and quality of the skin, prevention of secondary effects.


icoone® is the ideal procedure to prepare the skin for surgery as it drains and softens the skin. The use of the device after surgery promotes recovery and accelerates the healing process of the skin in the injured area, and also reduces pain.


Drainage, softening of the skin to facilitate insertion of the cannula into the fatty tissue.

Acceleration and harmonization of tissue repair, prevention of sagging skin typical after liposuction.


Softening tissues, draining fluids, ensuring proper vascularization

Reducing bruising and swelling

Edema associated with venous insufficiency, lymphedema

Improvement of blood and lymph circulation, oxygenation of tissues, immediate and long-term relief of the condition, reduction of edema and fibrosis, acceleration of aesthetic and functional recovery, reduction in the circumference of the limb with lymphedema, functional improvement of the condition of the limb with lymphedema, use after mastectomy : drainage of the swollen limb to speed up the rehabilitation of the limb.


icoone® can be recommended after the first trimester of pregnancy, avoiding exposure to the abdominal area.

Drainage to reduce fluid retention, improve microcirculation to eliminate heaviness in the legs, prevent the occurrence of defects (eg, capillary networks, cellulite, etc.).

Drainage of affected areas with mobilization of fluid and catabolites, restoration of skin elasticity and tone, improvement of the venous and lymphatic system, improvement of cell nutrition.


Improvement of microcirculation to activate metabolic exchange, anti-edematous effect, stimulation of cell nutrition. Improving the quality, elasticity and density of the skin, laser and LED emitters have an intense effect on fat cells and fibroblasts, helping to improve the condition of cellulite zones

Fibromyalgia, muscle pain, inflammation of the tendons

Pain reduction, improvement in quality of life and motor conduction, marked reduction in inflammation and congestion, drainage of metabolic waste products
increase in active stimulated
surface for maximum healing efficiency
microstimulations per minute
21 600
microstimulations per minute
The smallest motorized handpieces, now also available in pairs, are specially designed for use in small or hard to reach areas.
14 400

Robomini Twins

microstimulations per minute
A set of 6 micro-tips specially designed to precisely target the most localized and sensitive areas for personalized treatments.
up to 13 400


microstimulations per minute
The only machine to offer dual handpieces for symmetrical stimulation, twice as effective as a single handpiece
21 600


microstimulations per minute
The handpiece is equipped with the latest 3.5'' screen, as well as LED and laser emitters, which can be used together or separately. Guarantees a quick and targeted effect on both local fat deposits and the general condition of the skin
15 650


A team of researchers and experts constantly conduct meticulous scientific research to uncover the smallest secrets of the skin.
A new view of connective tissue as a chaotic and fragmented structure of billions of three-dimensional microvacuoles traversing each layer of the epidermis allowed the creators of icoone to come to a more accurate understanding of such phenomena as edema and fibrosis, cellulite and body fat and find the best solutions for the treatment of these disorders. .


and scientific research

Why icoone Laser Med

Suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate and damaged skin
Fast, focused results thanks to the combined action of the 650 nm LED emitter, 915 nm laser emitter and Roboderm® technology
Adaptable handpieces for any skin types, even the most sensitive of damaged
Suitable for all skin types - even the most sensitive or injured
Roboderm ® Technology
Visible results in rehabilitation and visible aesthetic effects
100% natural effect; even when the procedure is carried out by different specialists
Accuracy when machining small and hard-to-reach areas
Visible results after the first session