Icoone laser is a patented technique that has no analogues. The latest laser technologies have a structural effect on the vacuoles and stimulate: the production of collagen and elastin, which improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin; skin cell renewal and rejuvenation; lipolysis and fat burning.

Laser lipolysis technologies with icoone

i-Tech Industries® – The Science of Skin

The skin is the largest organ in our body, the link between us and the world around us, and i-Tech industries® has always made the study of skin structure and changes a top priority. The company has created a true "skin care culture" through which it has developed advanced technologies that offer effective solutions to improve the quality of life.

Through its scientific approach and its meticulous, ongoing analysis of every aesthetic and medical case treated, i-Tech Industries® has become a worldwide benchmark for the development of body remodelling technologies and non-invasive connective tissue treatments. icoone®, in particular, is a leading system in beauty care, rehabilitation, sport and wellness fields.

Experience gained through a scientific approach and constant in-depth study of a wide variety of cases, both aesthetic and medical, has allowed i- Tech Industries® to become a world-class benchmark in the development of body remodeling technologies and non-invasive connective tissue treatment. Thus, icoone® has become a leading system in the field of beauty, rehabilitation, sports and wellness.

Continuous investments in research and innovation have helped the company to study, disclose and communicate important scientific discoveries concerning the skin and its treatment with the aim, on the one hand, of promoting knowledge – within its reference markets – of such a vital aspect and, on the other, of designing and implementing technologies and solutions with the primary goal of meeting individual needs in terms of beauty, health and wellness.
Professor Jean-Claude Guimberteau

Plastic Surgeon and Scientist
Professor Jean-Claude Guimberteau is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon and scientist specializing in replantation and organ transplantation.

The icoone project owes its inspiration to the extraordinary intuition of reconstructive surgery specialist Doctor Jean-Claude Guimberteau with regard to the structure of connective tissue. Guimberteau has demonstrated that the skin should be conceived as a living, breathing organ and that the subcutaneous tissue consists of a network of microvacuoles, arranged in a chaotic, fragmented manner, which constitute the main component – the functional unit – of the overall tissue structure.

This new vision completely replaces the traditional concept of the skin being formed by a layer of tissues, and consequently brings about the need for a NEW WAY TO TREAT THE SKIN.

i-Tech Industries has embraced and developed this new scientific vision, designing a technology that treats these countless microvacuoles in a targeted and effective manner, thus ensuring faster, more effective results.
The triple surface also facilitates the movement of the maniples, so that the operator does not have to apply pressure.

Thus, the operator can use both hands at the same time, producing a more natural and gentle stimulation of the client's skin without tiring: advanced technology makes the operator's work easier.


The body has always been considered as a collection of various functional elements.
According to the discovery of Guimberto, the body is now considered as a living and continuous matter, the functional unit of which is the MICROVACUOL.

There is a histological continuity between the skin, subcutaneous tissues, blood vessels, tendons, muscles, etc.
The tissue that connects them all is called connective tissue.
The skin has been found to be revitalized by spontaneous and autonomous micro-movements.
These micro-movements slowly or locally disappear in the presence of scars, burns, sun damage, pollution and aging.

The i-Tech is an innovative technique that meets the requirements and needs of the connective tissue to solve the problem of skin laxity and the aging process.
When connective tissue fibers are exposed to icoone, they transmit stimulation to all other fibers connected to them.
Professor's film: Sliding under the skin. Amazing structural and functional structure of connective tissue.

How is icoone different from other methods and technologies?

A key factor in the effectiveness of icoone® is the unique patented Roboderm® technology, which has no analogues in the world. It was invented by Gianfranco Tudico and developed entirely in Italy and then spread to over 100 countries. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of beauty and medicine, Tudiko discovered a completely new, revolutionary and unique method of stimulating connective tissue and non-invasively treating all the structures that make up the skin; this method involves the use of MICRO-STIMULATORS.

MICRO-STIMULATORS rotate forward, backward, inward and outward to release repeated stimulation of the skin according to the desired goals. Matrices of micro-holes made on the surface of microstimulators (Roboderm) work perfectly and stimulate the microvacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue, and the connective tissue fibers separating the microvacuoles transmit this stimulation to deeper tissues.
Microstimulators cause with their movements up to 21.600 microstimulations every minute on the skin.

This specific action is called Multi-Micro-Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS) and allows for a more effective action, in a gentler way, for the client who receives the treatment and for the operator who administers it.

Thanks to the patented technology, icoone® is able to simulate manual massage two hands at the same time, allowing the operator to work with both sides of the body at once, which is convenient for the specialist and comfortable for the patient.
Self-contained motorized microstimulators provide mechanical stimulation, rotating in three directions and activating cellular activity. These multi-mechanical stimulants cause mechanotransduction - they send a signal that causes a biochemical response of the cell, due to which the cell shrinks due to natural lipolysis, and the production of collagen and elastin is reactivated.

​In particular, stimulation is carried out by 3 surfaces at the same time:

• 2 independent motorized microstimulators that simultaneously move in the same area, combining their effects and exposing tissues to tonic gymnastics;
​•1 central chamber located between the microstimulators, which acts more deeply

Roboderm® technology
allows you to triple the surface area being stimulated, producing deeper and more effective skin stimulation than any other technology or device available today.

3. Remodeling


LED radiation with a wavelength of 650 nm changes the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing fat, softened by laser exposure, to seep into the intercellular space.

The combined effect of laser and LED radiation enhances the technology of the icoone® device, allowing you to get the best results.
  • Stimulation of lipolysis

1. Drainage

  • Reflex effect on the sympathetic system
  • Effect on the blood capillaries
  • Effect on the lymphatic system
  • Drainage of intracellular spaces
  • Stimulation of mechanoreceptors with subsequent production of elastin and collagen.
  • Stimulation of fibroblasts.

2. Tissue elasticity

Due to the excellent stimulation of microvacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue, icoone® can perform 3 actions simultaneously:
In the icoone® LASER device, the Robosolo handpiece has a built-in 915 nm laser and a 650 nm LED, which are used for focus programs when working on problem areas.

The specialist can choose to use the Robosolo handpiece with or without laser/LED. You can also use the laser and LED together and separately.

Clinical studies have shown that 915 nm diode laser radiation is able to penetrate tissues where it is absorbed by lipids, resulting in a thermal effect that softens adipocytes from the inside.