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Innovative technology comes to the aid of aesthetic medicine i-Tech Industries® launches new range of icoone® Laser Med

Medical research keeps pace with technological innovation, and in almost all fields of medicine, it is closely linked to the development of new technologies. Skin treatment is no exception: i-Tech Industries®, a Bologna-based company that has been developing technologies for non-invasive treatment of connective tissues for many years, has created a device that facilitates aesthetic and functional rehabilitation in the post-surgical period, including cancer patients, as well as the treatment of lymphatic and vascular diseases, scars and burns. icoone® Laser Med is an innovative therapeutic tool that puts the potential of microstimulation at the service of medicine.

Rehabilitation devices

icoone® offers a procedure that prepares the tissue for surgery by draining and softening the skin; in addition, in the postoperative period, it allows for faster recovery and pain relief. Tissue oxygenation reduces fibrosis caused by surgery or radiotherapy used to treat breast cancer, it also reduces erythema, hardening of the skin and relieves pain: microstimulation improves skin firmness and elasticity and relieves swelling, providing both aesthetic and functional results. It also helps to treat lymphatic, vascular and intestinal diseases, scars and burns by accelerating tissue regeneration; alleviates muscle pain, stimulates the nervous and sensory system, enriches muscle tissues with oxygen, helps athletes, alleviates traumatic and non-traumatic inflammation of ligaments and tendons. icoone® treatments can be adjunctive and used in combination with other therapies to accelerate the patient's recovery process; adjustable manipulator settings allow the procedure to be personalized for each individual patient and increase its effectiveness in treating specific conditions.

Collaboration с Roman organization IRIS Onlus, to improve WOMEN'S LIVES

In view of the potential of the new icoone® devices in the field of cancer, i-Tech Industries® has started a collaboration with IRIS Onlus, a Rome-based organization that works throughout Italy and fights against cancer, contributing to its prevention and early diagnosis. Through IRIS, the devices will reach the Clinical Oncology Department of the Policlinico Campus Bio Medico hospital in Rome. In this way, cancer patients will be able to benefit from icoone® treatments, which, thanks to alveolar microstimulation, contribute to aesthetic and functional rehabilitation in the postoperative period, the treatment of lymphedema, radiotherapy burns and much more.