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MMAS stimulation by icoone® laser combined with modern medical technology

It is a well-known fact that today combined technologies are highly popular in aesthetic medicine both among specialists and our clients. As they say, demand determines supply. And there is an explanation for this - the modern client is very mobile and expects maximum results from a single aesthetic procedure. Long courses of procedures that require frequent visits, long rehabilitation after invasive methods, support courses are not in demand among modern clients. The use of combined invasive and non-invasive technologies allows you to get the most pronounced and stable result in a short period of time. The main thing is to combine them correctly within one procedure or course of procedures.

How MMAS Stimulation Works and Why It Matters

One of the innovative methods, characterized by maximum compatibility with virtually all modern technologies of the aesthetic market is non-invasive connective tissue stimulation MMAS Italian device Icoone® laser. The method is based on a vacuum-vibration effect on the tissues through the use of advanced fractional vacuum. Thanks to this, the volumetric stimulation of subcutaneous tissues is realized and force and mechanical stress of tissues are completely excluded. The mechanical action of MMAS® is transmitted percutaneously through a fibrillar network to the underlying tissues, adipocytes, veins, arteries, nerves, lymphatic system. Microstimulation is able to stimulate even the smallest tissue elements from the superficial to the deepest layers of tissue, ensuring their delicate functional recovery. Depending on the general or local procedure, both systemic and local stimulation of tissues is possible.
Non-invasive connective tissue stimulation MMAS is an ideal method of tissue preparation practically before any invasive procedure: injection, apparatus and surgery. It stimulates the removal of stagnant fluid and metabolic products from the intercellular space, activates local metabolism, reduces the density of subcutaneous fat. This increases the clinical effectiveness of invasive techniques, reduces the risk of undesirable effects and facilitates the rehabilitation period. Tissue preparation is always relevant before botulinum toxin injections, volumetric modeling of the face, thread lifting, smas - lifting, needle RF, cryolipolysis.
After surgical procedures, MMAS stimulation is practically the only mechanical method used in such an early period - as early as 72 hours after the intervention. In the early postoperative period, improvement of hemomicrocirculation and tissue oxygenation leads to the removal of edema, powerfully accelerates the recovery of damaged tissues, significantly reducing the regeneration time. In the late postoperative period microstimulation prevents the formation of gross scarring changes, equalizes the relief of the skin, improves the final result of surgical intervention. Connective tissue stimulation has gained special popularity in plastic surgery before and after blepharoplasty procedures, circular face lift, liposuction.
As practice shows, MMAS stimulation is an effective way to prevent the formation of rough fibrous changes after traumas, surgeries, burns, inflammatory processes. In this case, there is an optical alignment of the scar, normalization of skin color and texture.
Icoone® laser MMAS stimulation can also be universally combined with non-invasive technologies: hydrotherapy, cosmetic and apparatus treatments in a single session or in a course of treatments. Hydrotherapy treatments always precede an Icoone® laser session, while facial and body treatments are always performed afterwards.
It is popular to perform thalasso body wraps, for example, Italian brand Fabbrimarine, immediately after Icoone® laser session, which in synergy allows to obtain not only aesthetic, but also general health-improving effect. Active marine components in wraps after preliminary volumetric stimulation of tissues work much more effectively, powerfully stimulating drainage and lipolysis. In addition, there is a systemic effect, activating the general metabolism, increasing energy potential, improving well-being and mood. Combining MMAS stimulation with thalasso treatments is also a therapeutic spa session with a pronounced relaxing and revitalizing effect on the body.
MMAS connective tissue stimulation is an excellent alternative to manual massage for both face and body. For example, the effectiveness of any facial spa treatment is significantly increased when combined with Icoone® laser, providing a pronounced revitalization and lifting effect from the first treatment.
In MMAS cosmetology, Icoone® laser stimulation has proven to be highly effective in combination with AWT® acoustic wave therapy from Storz Medical (Switzerland). This is a golden duo among non-invasive technologies in solving the most popular requests in body aesthetics, unparalleled. Acoustic wave therapy (or shockwave therapy) is a rapidly growing promising field in facial and body aesthetics. At the same time, microstimulation can be used both for tissue preparation before the acoustic wave exposure and after it to remove decay products from the tissues. Combined application of MMAS and AWT in one session allows you to get the fastest prolonged results that unfold over time.
To maximize the effect after cryolipolysis procedures, the Icoone® laser connective tissue massage is a priority to accelerate volume reduction, tighten the skin and even out the topography. Delicate Icoone® massage immediately after the cryolipolysis session increases the effectiveness of the procedure and reduces the risk of side effects.
At present, technologies aimed at preventing age-related changes not only at the external, but also at the internal level of the body are relevant. Among preventive medicine programs an important role is played by methods of detoxification and recovery of the body. One of the modern hardware methods is the Japanese detox module IYASHI DOME, based on the influence of long-wave infrared radiation or "rays of life". Here too, it is important to combine it with the Icoone® MMAS stimulation. First, a general session of apparatus massage is performed, which triggers systemic hemolymphatic drainage, followed by a treatment in the IYASHI DOME detox module. The duo of preventive technologies gently stimulates cell renewal, promotes toxin removal at the cellular level, activates metabolic processes, improves sleep and contributes to the overall recovery and revitalization of the body.
Numerous technologies of the modern aesthetic and medical market allow to offer the client the most capacious and effective combinations, the main thing is to choose them correctly and not to overload the body with an abundance of techniques. Connective tissue stimulation MMAS Italian device Icoone® laser today has no analogues in terms of versatility of combination with any invasive and non-invasive technologies and early timing of procedures. It is a safe and promising method that minimizes the appearance of undesirable effects and will allow the specialist to guarantee quality aesthetic results from the first procedures.
Kazakova L.V., cosmetologist, certified trainer on hardware technologies of Medi SPA Technology.