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Postpartum recovery with icoone laser

Special postpartum massage with ICOONE LASER contributes to the speedy recovery of figure and body functions, eases the postpartum period and relieves postpartum syndrome.

Massage with ICOONE LASER in the postpartum period promotes:

- improved blood and lymph circulation
- early recovery from childbirth
- anti-stress effect
- Relieving neuromuscular tension, general fatigue
- general well-being
- prevention and relief of swelling in the lower extremities
- prevention and correction of stretch marks
- tightening and firming of the skin of the body and problem areas
- improving skin quality and texture
- silhouette modeling
Full body treatments are suitable when a woman is not breastfeeding. However, during lactation, localized treatments like facials, cervical collar areas, and lower limb are preferred for the treatment. It's important to avoid general body treatments during active lactation.
A prerequisite is a birth without complications, the abdominal area is not actively treated for two months after childbirth, as this can cause a strong blood flow to the pelvic organs.Massages can be general body massages if the woman is not breastfeeding or localized during lactation, e.g. facial, cervical collar, lower limbs. General body treatments during active lactation are excluded.A prerequisite is a birth without complications, the abdominal area is not actively massaged for two months after delivery, as this can cause a strong blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Programs with ICOONE LASER:

  • Skin lifting of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks area
  • Lightweight legs
  • Wellness and relaxationAnti-stress/Recovery
  • Facial programs - drainage, lifting, skin firming for face, neck, décolleté
  • Back and cervical-collar zone treatments
  • Stretch mark correction
  • Modeling of problem areas of the body (for non-breastfeeding women)
Recommended course from 5 treatments, on average 10 sessions per course with a frequency of 2-3 times/week. After the breastfeeding period is over, it is possible to use general body programs.
For women who are not breastfeeding and in the absence of contraindications, you can use all ICOONE LASER body programs, including laser lipolysis and LED therapy.
Innovative cosmetic preparations with active marine components from the Italian brand FABBRIMARINE are used to obtain even more pronounced and fast aesthetic results - to improve skin quality, stimulate lipolysis processes and smooth the skin relief, tighten and strengthen the skin. The brand presents both professional recovery programs after childbirth and home active and supportive body care products.
Strictly after ICOONE LASER hardware programs for breastfeeding moms are recommended:
In the program Easy Legs - Thalassogel for legs with anti-edema and vasoostrengthening effect.
To fight stretch marks and care for the breast and décolleté area after the procedure with ICOONE - Thalasso Bust Cream with Marine Stem Cells.
For firming and toning body skin, a body lifting cream.
For body skin care - thalasso body scrub, golden gel - exfoliant, thalasso cream moisturizer.
These cosmetic preparations are prescribed for active application at home or used directly after a hardware treatment.
If a woman is not breastfeeding, the full range of Fabbrimarine products and programs can be used.
The active START creams are currently experiencing high demand for effectively addressing specific localized body imperfections. These creams are categorized as Start 1 - 6, each tailored to address different identified issues. A prescribed course of treatment involves daily use for a minimum of one month.

One particularly groundbreaking product from the brand FABBRIMARINE is their innovative night cream - a mud-based formula that exhibits a noticeable sculpting effect. This cream is also meant for course application, following a similar one-month daily regimen.

For individuals prone to bodily congestion, the recommendation is to incorporate algae oil - an activator known for its drainage and lipolytic properties. To further enhance these effects, anti-cellulite patches are available. These patches are renowned for their potent drainage capabilities and should be applied to problem areas in the morning. They are designed to remain in place for 12 hours, actively delivering their beneficial effects.
FABBRIMARINE brand presents an innovation - a patented line of photosomal active skin care products, which are applied immediately before the device treatment on the problem areas of the body. These are anti-cellulite body gel - Chronocell, lipolytic - Chronolipo, remodeling - Chronoton. Each of the preparations contains photosomes, which are activated directly during the treatment under the influence of LED-radiation, releasing active components.
Almost all FABBRIMARINE algowoods can be used in professional programs for non-breastfeeding women and in the absence of contraindications: the line of classic marine programs - THALASSO, the line of powerful corrective programs - START, the general health line - SATOR. These are general or localized wraps, with or without a shower - in the variant of express treatment.
The leader in demand among the combined express procedures ICOONE LASER + FABBRIMARINE are bandage wraps, which do not require showering and water. 4 types of professional bandages - with drainage, lipolytic, anti-cellulite and osmotic effect.