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ICOONE programs for pregnant women and after childbirth


In order to achieve a quick and quality postpartum recovery result, it is better to take care of your appearance and figure, and most importantly, your well-being, already during your pregnancy, or even better, in preparation for it. For this purpose, icoone® offers specialized programs for expectant mothers.
In the period of pregnancy planning, systemic programs of general health plan are recommended, contributing to the elimination of stagnant phenomena in the body, having a mild detox - effect, increasing tissue oxygenation, improving overall health. At the same time, these programs strengthen, increase elasticity and density of the body skin, improve its quality, preventing the appearance of unaesthetic stretch marks.
During pregnancy, icoone® topical programs improve the well-being of the mother-to-be, relaxing and relieving general tension, reducing swelling of the lower limbs, restoring ease of gait and preventing the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy.
The core technology of icoone® is ROBODERM® vacuum and vibration technology, which provides volumetric stimulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues and eliminates force impact on the tissues. The innovative fractional vacuum combined with vibration action ensures that mechanical stimulation is transmitted to the deepest layers of tissue, resulting in multi-microalveolar stimulation (MMAS), a revolutionary approach to the effects on connective tissue.
MMAS - stimulation has both a systemic effect at the level of the whole organism, activating the processes of general metabolism, and local action, contributing to tissue drainage, reducing swelling, powerfully but gently stimulates microcirculation, cell renewal and tissue repair processes. It has an anti-aging, firming, relaxing and revitalizing effect on the whole body. The defibrotic action of MMAS - stimulation significantly improves visualization of existing scars and stretch marks on the skin, prevents the formation of gross scarring changes.
icoone® treatments can be performed 2-3 times a week, every other day or even daily. In clinical studies, daily treatments for 3 weeks have shown no side effects. icoone® wellness treatments should last at least 20 minutes, there is no upper limit. Personalized protocols are prepared to meet the individual needs of each client.
During the period of preparation for pregnancy, both general wellness and aesthetic icoone® programs can be used. The course is agreed individually, but not less than 10 treatments of 40 to 60 minutes.
icoone® programs for pregnant women are indicated only in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, in the absence of general contraindications, they are strictly local, excluding the abdomen, chest and sacrum. They are carried out on multifunctional couches, in the pregnant woman's half-sitting position. They include:
ü Lightweight legs
ü Relaxation of the cervical-collar area
ü Hand lifting
ü Working with striae
ü Facial programs (drainage, lifting)
The program for legs, which relieves swelling, heaviness in the legs and strengthens the venous vascular wall, is especially popular with pregnant women. But, as a rule, in one session a complex of programs is used at once, allowing to work on several areas of the body and face. The duration of the session is from 20 to 60 minutes. The course can vary from 5 to 10 treatments.


icoone® programs and the timing of postpartum recovery depend on whether the birth was natural or operative, whether the woman is breastfeeding or not. We can start body treatments as early as two weeks after a natural, healthy birth, using a specially designed medical program on the ICOONE LASER MED.
icoone®Healthcare medical programs help you achieve faster recovery from functional, lymphatic, vascular, muscular problems with less physical effort and using all-natural and completely painless technology.
The medical program of postpartum recovery is always localized and can be performed even on breastfeeding women. Its goal is to restore the tone and turgor of overstretched skin in problem areas of the body and to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. The parameters of the medical program are as delicate as possible, excluding mechanical stress of tissues. During the breastfeeding period, modeling and general lymphatic drainage protocols are excluded from the work, we use them only after the end of breastfeeding.
If breastfeeding is not practiced, we can start aesthetic procedures on the body 2 months after childbirth. At the same time, the birth must be without complications.
After a caesarean section, it is important to create an aesthetic suture with minimal visualization on the skin. This is where microalveolar stimulation with the miniaturized manipulators of the icoone® device comes in. In the early postoperative period, we work on the tissue around the surgical suture to ensure effective drainage and improve tissue regeneration and repair. Once the young scar is formed, we start working directly on it, preventing the formation of gross fibrosis, ensuring optimal aesthetic results.
MMS - stimulation allows you to reduce the recovery time after childbirth and make this period as comfortable as possible for the young mother. At the same time, medical programs can be combined in one session with aesthetic ones. All programs are always selected individually by a specialist based on the current assessment of the tissue condition.
ICOONE LASER successfully combines the results of scientific research and technological innovations, which opens the way for a new approach to solving aesthetic and medical problems.
Kazakova L.V., cosmetologist, certified trainer on hardware technologies of Medispatechnolodgy.