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Tighter body in record time

In pursuit of a slim silhouette, women often resort to long diets and grueling workouts. Usually the results are not immediately apparent and soon the motivation fades. MMAS® Icoone microalveolar stimulation keeps you motivated throughout the entire course thanks to the amazing dynamics of the results obtained. Triple stimulation of cells and tissues with non-invasive technologies MMAS + LASER + LED allows you to simultaneously model body volume, smooth skin relief, improve skin texture and quality. As a result - a harmonious slender silhouette, smooth, silky and tightened body skin. At the same time, comfortable, relaxing procedures on the Icoone Laser apparatus guarantee excellent well-being and give a boost of energy for the whole day. The course of procedures is individually selected by a specialist and usually consists of 10 sessions, which do not require special preparation and rehabilitation. And for those who need even faster results, the procedures can be carried out daily as an express course "Beautiful Body in 10 Days".